Lavalon's Item Drop Boost May 4th
This Sunday you will have 3 hours to farm some of the game most essential items. From 14 to 17, some of the most popular f6 modes ingame will be affected with higher rates.

You will be able to get from 1 to 5 rings at the end stage of each of the selected Tactical Mode. That means almost the double you always get! Your most needed accessories will drop easier and in higher amounts than ever.

Locations to Hunt:
- Bear Claw Mine F6 Mode
- Verglas Ridge F6 Mode
- Dragon Valley F6 Mode
- Edge of the World F6 Mode
- Pine Cone Hills F6 Mode
- Land of Temptation F6 Mode
- Frigid Canyon F6 Mode
- Chaser's Ridge F6 Mode
- Valid Raeth F6 Mode