Thursday 17th
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    Lavalon's Sunday Special Schedule
    [4 days ago]

    Lavalon's Special Schedule:
    Galaxy Challenge!
    This Sunday at Dragonica, we will have a day out of this world! Instead of our usual Item Drop Boost, our players will have an extra chance at our Item Hunt. The twist? You can win extra star shards in order to complete your beloved Galaxia Items!

    You will have three hours (from 14 to 17) to hunt all of Spyke's requests. He want you to collect star dust for him. In retribution, you will be able to win all kind of star shards to help you exchange the right item.

    Once the Item Hunt is over, you could win extra entries to the Galaxy Dungeons for next week. They will also be helpful to exchange items, and they will allow you to enter more times without a party. Plus, Lucky Dips and exclusive pets!

    Lavalon's Money Hunt!
    [5 days ago]
    Lavalon's Bingo Special Edition
    [6 days ago]
    Lucky Star Lottery Leveling Edition
    [2 weeks ago]
    Lavalon's Item Drop Boost
    [2 weeks ago]